Baracke was sick! Thx to Luzi and all the people partying along with us.
Our friend Dennis made a Video, we will upload a Song (or maybe 2) tonight.
What else happened? We sold and will sell a nice package with all the MuskelProtz stuff for just 20€. This includes the new Tape "Venice Beach" (incl. Downloadcode), the "Fürst der Fitness" 7" (incl. Downloadcode) and our first T-Shirt with the "Muskelkater" Design by Tinchen. The shirt is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.
Remember, you're able to stream all our stuff. just click on "music".

This is what the package looks like:


here's a few pictures from Aachen and Bonn. next stop @Baracke, Münster on the 14th of November. yeah!